Mainstays Space-Saving 2-Tier Tripod Hanging Clothes Drying Rack, Steel

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When it comes to line-drying laundry, few would argue the benefits. It’s gentle on clothes, extending wear life by sparing garments the heat and friction of a conventional dryer. It saves on energy, drying clothes with no more than the sun’s warm rays and wind’s fresh gusts. But (and this is hard to argue) line-drying can be quite an operation. It can require too much time and too much space to set up, break down, and store dry racks. Which is why the Mainstays super slim, space-saving tripod drying rack might talk more into skipping the dryer. This 2-tier tripod drying rack is incredibly small (a mere 26 square inches), and it collapses with a single touch for easy storage behind the washing machine or in the back of a closet. So really, not much of an operation at all. When using the rack please ensure heavier clothing is hanging closest to the center rod.
  • •Rack up to 65 hanging garments to snap and flutter in a fresh breeze •Max weight per upper arm 4.5 lbs.•Max weight per lower arm 6.5 lbs.
  • •Total weight is 33 lbs. •Uses just 26 square-inches of floor space with unique tripod design •Adjust height; collapse with one touch to save storage space
  • •Holds a full laundry load and resists rust with sturdy steel frame •Easy, no-tool assembly •Dimensions: 28.5"L x 28.5"W x 73.5"

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