Road Rescue Asphalt Repair

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Fix potholes, cracks and more in the road or driveway with Road Rescue Asphalt Repair. It's easy to use by simply pouring where needed and then tamping down or driving over it. Immediate hardening prevents tracking from tires and also delivers protection from weather. This asphalt sealer is environmentally friendly and gives off no VOCs, making application safer and easier. There's also no need for squaring edges prior to use.
Road Rescue Asphalt Repair:
  • 3 simple steps to apply; simply sweep the area clean, pour in the material and tamp or drive over to compact
  • Hardens immediately upon compaction, meaning you can drive on it right away and it won't track tar
  • No special tools required for a permanent, contractor-grade repair
  • Works on asphalt and concrete pavement
  • Covers 7 sq ft
  • Natural, environmentally friendly product with zero VOCs
  • Asphalt driveway repair is clean to use, and once compacted, will not track on your tires or other surfaces
  • DOT/commercial-grade asphalt
  • All-weather application
  • No need to square the edges of the pothole

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