SchumacherRechargeable Replacement Battery- 4.5Ah, 6V - for Kid Trax Ride-On Toys

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Kids love ride-on toys and will drive these play vehicles until they run out of power. Schumacher’s TB1 4.5Ah 6V Rechargeable Replacement Battery can get them back behind the wheel. Used either as a replacement battery or as an extra battery to extend run time, the Schumacher TB1 gets your tot back on the road fast, keeping playtime on track. And installation is a breeze, since an adult can install and connect the TB1 in seconds. The TB1, a 6V 4.5Ah-capacity rechargeable battery, is designed to power Kid Trax® model #KT1269WM and other 6V Kid Trax® ride-on toys that utilize the “B” connector. Charge the TB1 only with Kid Trax® brand chargers with the “A” connector.

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