SuperTech 6000 Cabin Air Filter, Replacement Air/Dust Filter for Hyundai / Kia

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Your vehicle's cabin air filter catches dust, pollen, and other debris in the air, stopping it from making its way into your car. And if you have allergies or other respiratory problems, it's what helps make your car cabin breathable and comfortable to be in. SuperTech cabin air filters keep the air in your car clean and free of allergens and dust for up to 2 years!

Perhaps the easiest way to know if you need a new cabin air filter is to check its coloration. A new cabin air filter should be white or off-white. Be sure to check your filter in the light of day or with a flashlight, so you can more easily see dust, pollen, and other particles. If you need a replacement cabin air filter for your vehicle, look no further than this SuperTech 5505 filter for GM vehicles.

Get SuperTech oil, air, and cabin filters right here on, or check if they're in-store at a Walmart near you.

Super Tech 6000 Cabin Air Filter, Replacement Air/Dust Filter for Hyundai/Kia

  • SuperTech cabin air filters have high efficiency and air flow
  • Removes pollen, dust, and other particles before they enter your vehicle's ventilation system
  • Fits models Hyundai Accent (2012-16), Tucson (2005-14), Genesis Coupe (2010-14), Kia Sportage (2005-16), Forte (2010-13) (Hyundai 97133-2E200)
  • Optimized contaminant holding capacity
  • Replacement air filter with superior cabin air protection
  • Performance for up to 2 years or 20,000 miles
  • Installs easily in minutes, with a guaranteed perfect fit
  • Cabin air filter with high efficiency and air flow from SuperTech
  • FRAM CF10709
  • K&N VF2007
  • STP CAF1820P
  • Actual filter size: 8.75 x 7.88 inches
  • Fully synthetic filtration media for high efficiency and high air flow rates
  • Particle removal to less than one micron
  • Optimized contaminant holding capacity
  • Temperature tested from extreme -40° cold weather to 250°F parked cabin conditions
  • Documented field testing for long life

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